Creed (2015) – A Short Comment on the Movie

A famous quote from an 80s movie called Spaceballs features a news reporter saying: “Coming up, Pongo’s review of Rocky five… Thousand…” This quote signaled the feeling that was present in the 80s, that there would be far more Rocky movies to come. The feeling turned out somewhat true, as shown by the movie Rocky Balboa in 2006, where the aging Rocky burns with the desire to return to the ring.

In 2015, another movie was released, what was thought to be another Rocky movie, slowly creeping up to reach that 5000 mark. It turned out to be quite different, a great movie in its own way.

Not Another Rocky Movie – Creed, a Movie of its Own

Creed took many by surprise as it showed us how the Rocky franchise has more to offer. The son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s deceased friend, Adonis Creed, realizes that being in his father’s shadow is not where he wants to be. He wants to be a boxer of his own, building his own reputation and name.

On the surface, it looks like the Rocky I story, all over again, a small-time boxer needs a great coach (Rocky) and wants to become a professional boxer, challenging the champion (Pretty Ricky Conlan), while at the same time working out his romantic side (Bianca).

It is much more than that, an emotional story of a person brought up to be a successful banker, who wanted a different career. A career which required him to battle his own demons, those of his father, adopted mother, and even Rocky, whom he calls uncle.

A Story About Loss and Gain

Rocky’s story is that of success, but also a lot of loss. Rocky was ultimately left alone, his wife passing away, her brother, Paulie, as well as Rocky’s coach, not to mention his best friend and rival, Apollo Creed. Rocky is distanced from his own son, left alone, at least until Adonis came in, and gave him a new spark. Rocky also has his own adversary, which aging often creates.

But what about Adonis, an orphaned child at first, then adopted by Apollo’s widow, Mary Anne Creed, brought into a life of luxury, one where he gets to become a banker. Yet, his own demons haunt him, as well as those of his father’s success, especially once he starts boxing. On his way to success, he is met with more than one challenge, each of them pecking at his emotional stability, which is necessary when fighting at the highest level. Each step is a sacrifice, something which the Rocky franchise often reminds us of.

Creed is a great, emotional journey, one that fits right into the Rocky universe, yet one which can easily stand on its own.

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