NOPE (2022) – A Short Comment On the Movie

Today, we have a lot of fun using modern technology and computers. Computers are fun, because they can be really small, like smartphones and about as powerful as we need them to be. Modern computers enable us to do a lot of things, from watching movies and TV shows, to playing video games and accessing various services, like online casinos.

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However, we also use the internet to stream content, movies being the content in question today. Nope is the movie that is of interest, something that we haven’t seen, well, ever.

Here are some thoughts on the movie.

Nope – A Combination of Genres

It is not often that you hear about a movie and someone asks you what genre, you reply neo-western sci-fi horror movie. Most people would stare at you expressionlessly, however, after seeing the movie, things would start falling into place.

This combination of genres is not only an interesting one, but done so well that Jordan Peele, director and co-producer, got a lot of praise for what seemed like an impossible mission. When mixing and matching genres, you are bound to run into problematic things like gimmicks that are there for fun and serve no purpose to the cinematic value of the film or the narrative.

Jordan Peele did well to avoid that and to give us what we wanted, a good movie.

The Plot

The plot follows the children of one Otis Haywood Senior, who dies at the start of the movie. His children, Otis Junior and Emerald or Em Haywood, inherit his horse ranch. The ranch has financial troubles and the two have different ways of going about it. OJ wants to make the ranch work while his sister attempts to find fame in Hollywood. 

Both don’t find much success and the ranch ends up being problematic for a movie shoot. They are fired from the movie and end up selling the ranch to a local western theme park owner, Ricky Jupe Park, Jupe because the theme park’s name is Jupiter’s Claim. That’s when things start getting rather strange and the movie starts going in wild directions. Even the start of the movie has some interesting scenes that would make people wonder.

Why the Movie is Great

The movie is great because it was directed and acted in a way that allows the story to be told in a natural way. Peele lets the movie breathe and do its thing. The characters are there to make the plot better and not take away from it through needless exposition. It takes guts to make a movie that combines so many different genres and does it so well.

It also takes skill to make such a movie good without looking over the top or losing the plot with all the different genre-specific elements that have to be incorporated.

Nope is a great movie that combines many genres into a rather successful and lovely cinematic experience.