The Wrestler (2008) – A Short Comment on the Movie

Wrestling is a sport which attracts attention. Greco-Roman wrestling is an Olympic sport, and as such, often attracts appropriate attention from bookmakers, especially during the duration of the Olympic Games. Online bookmakers are more frequently the ones offering wrestling as a sport, given that they can easily reach more customers, compared to land-based bookmakers.

One of the popular casinos, Hard Rock, also offers a plethora of sports, whether in their brick-and-mortar casinos, applications, or their website, you can bet on multiple sports. You can even get a Hard Rock sportsbook promo code 2019 with a new account. One of the questions that remains to be answered is why wrestling became so popular?

A couple of things led to wrestling becoming more popular, from professional wrestling, the kind you see on television when you want entertainment, to Olympic athletes performing at the highest levels. There was also a great movie which helped promote wrestling.

In 2008, the world got to see a very good movie, titled appropriately, The Wrestler.

The Wrestler – More Than a Wrestling Movie

From the start, you can see that this movie does not follow a typical action formula. There are no peaks or senseis here, to help guide our hero towards a victory. Quite the opposite, thrown in the world of professional wrestling, where matches are shows, often fixed and made specifically to entertain, you get to see a different side of the picture.

An aging wrestler named Randy “The Ram” Robinson, has problems, both in his private and professional life. His aged body is failing him, even though it is very muscular and still capable of throwing a punch. His private life is also in turmoil, with him trying to reconnect to his daughter, long-abandoned.

So far, this does not sound like a wrestling movie. It is that, and it paints a grim picture of a world which people often laugh at.

Life in the Backstage – The Things You Never See

More often than not, people laugh at professional wrestling, calling out fights for being fakes, people being hit in their faces fake, them dropping out of a ring onto a hard floor, also fake. That being said, professional wrestlers are athletes, people who rigorously train to achieve a level of physical fitness and performance which is at the very top. That also being said, their falls and performances can leave them with injuries, some more severe than others.

With an aging wrestler such as Randy, these injuries have left him with consequences. He worked smaller shows until an opportunity presented itself, for him to fight his rival from the peak of his career, a rematch between The Ram and The Ayatollah.

Emotional And Exceptional

But, performing in the world of professional wrestling is just that, a profession which earns money. People still need emotional content, and Randy is not a robot. His daughter went from being very unhappy about seeing him to somewhat willing.

All the while, he is also involved in a complicated relationship with a stripper, someone who does a very similar job as he does, except that their performances vary.

Mickey Rourke, the actor behind Randy Robinson, was nominated for an Academy Award, just like Marisa Tomei, the actress behind Cassidy, his love interest. Even though they had not won Academy Awards, the movie got the recognition it deserved, in no small part to the main stars’ performances.

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