Top 10 New Releases on Netflix (January 2018)

We created a top list of the latest movies added recently on Netflix UK, sorted by their IMDb rating. Also, for this list we payed attention to provide a proper mixture of genres.

  1. City of God (2002)

Genres: Crime, Drama, International

IMDb: 8.6

Set in Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious slum, the film tells a true story of a young man growing up on these violent streets. It is brutally honest, masterfully directed and emotionally gripping. In one word: breath-taking.

  1. Rain Man (1988)

Genres: Drama, Comedy

IMDb: 8.5

This classic follows a selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) and his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) as they travel cross-country getting to know each other. The movie features one of the most iconic gambling scenes ever. Seeing Charlie and Raymond winning big will make you want to try to strike gold too, with this Bonus at Stan James, reserved exclusively for new users.

  1. Back to the Future (1985)

Genres: Children and Family Films

IMDb: 8.5

This legendary sci-fi comedy directed by Robert Zemeckis never gets old. Michael J. Fox is a teenager who goes back in time to 1955, where he meets his future parents, accidentally meddling with their love-lives. Hilarious plot and lovable characters make this movie one of the best children films ever.

  1. Unrest (2017)

Genres: Documentary

IMDb: 8.4

This is incredibly intimate and beautifully filmed story of Jennifer Brea, who is about to start a PhD at Harvard and marry the love of her life, when a fever leaves her bedridden. After she starts exhibiting a cluster of mysterious symptoms, including extreme tiredness, and doctors tell her “it’s all in her head,” she decides to film herself as she looks for answers.


  1. On Yoga the Architecture of Peace (2017)

Genres: Documentary

IMDb: 8.4

Based on the book by photographer Michael O’Neill, and directed by Heitor Dhalia, this documentary traces O’Neill’s journey as he explores the landscape of yoga with the great Yoga masters in India, Tibet and New York.

  1. Muramba (2017)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

IMDb: 8.3

Indian romcom dealing with the aftermath of a break-up and the possibility of reconciliation, it’s a story so relatable that it’s impossible not to like it.

  1. La Land (2016)

Genres: Comedy, Musical, Romance

IMDB: 8.1

This wonderful romantic musical directed by Damian Chazelle won 6 Oscars last year, including the one for the best director, the best actress in the leading role (Emma Stone) and the best music. The film is about a pianist (Ryan Gosling) and an actress falling in love while trying to make it big in Los Angeles.

  1. Spotlight (2015)

Genres: Crime, Drama

IMDB: 8.1

This critically acclaimed masterpiece tells a true story of a Boston Globe newspaper team investigating allegations of child abuse in the Catholic Church. It won an Oscar for the best picture in 2015, which itself is good enough recommendation for watching.

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Genres: Action, Adventure

IMDb: 8.1

Filmmaker George Miller brings our favourite post-apocalyptic franchise back to life with Charlize Theron as the main protagonist.

  1. Scent of a Woman (1992)

Genres: Drama

IMDb: 8

A touching drama about the relation between a bitter, retired, blind army officer (Al Pacino) and his helper Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell), a college student who is hired to take care of him. Pacino is brilliant in the central role, which earned him his first Oscar.

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